The ULTIMATE Day in the Life Offer | You'll want to snag this one

It has always been by goal to tell a family’s full story HONESTLY with beautiful imagery. These are more than snapshots. They are images carefully crafted with consideration of LIGHT, COMPOSITION and MOMENT. They are photos that memorialize split seconds of time.

From the conception of my business I’ve been building to offer families a full Day in the Life package with 100% family photojournalism. Now that my own girls are a bit older and my youngest is in school, that time is here.

In excitement over of the release of this package, here’s a limited-time offer for you, friend!

Sessions booked from now until September 30th:

  • Day in the Life Session at 6-Hour Session price

  • 6-Hour Session at 4-Hour Session price

  • 4-Hour Session at 2-Hour Session price

    Note: There is a LIMITED NUMBER of these session offers. Act with super cat speed if you want one.

Wondering what a Day in the Life Session looks like? Check out the slideshow below.

Ready to preserve YOUR beautiful life?

Christine WrightComment