I'm Christine Wright

I'm a south-central JERSEY photographer, mom of two MIGHTY girls, and life-long LEARNER and CREATOR.  Current obsessions: podcasts, the power of PLAY and my husband's hair.  I've been documenting childhood and parenthood since 2011. 

self portrait NJ family photographer

Your Family & My Family

I serve families who recognize, or yearn to recognize, the beauty in their everyday lives.  These families know moments are whizzing by, and in five, ten, twenty years, they will not just want to remember, but they will want to FEEL like they are there again.  Feel the laughter and the squeezes.  The consoling hugs and wild chaos.  Because THAT is what makes these days worth it.  That is ART.

I come to MY clients with no judgements or expectations and i document their TRUTH.  Then, together we build works of art - heirloom photojournalistic albums and timeless wall pieces - that become part of their family legacy.

I'm a bit neurotic about leaving a visual history for my own children.  When I'm long gone, I want my girls to know I was there.  And that I SAW them.  Together we navigated this crazy human experience and it was raw and beautiful.  That's why I document my own children.  That's the gift I bring to other families.


More About Me

Most days you can find me decked out in jeans, a Star Wars t-shirt, and a top knot.  It's not that I'm THAT big of a Star Wars fan.  It's just that my husband gives me a Star Wars t-shirt for practically every holiday.  I'm still trying to figure out why.

If I'm not on my computer culling and processing pictures or doing other savvy businesswoman type things, you can usually find me with my kids.  We hang at home a lot doing messy play, after which I sometimes kick myself.  We frequent the local parks, library, our CSA farm and Panera Bread.  I walk a wire trying to empower them to be who they are, while struggling with keeping my sanity as they assert their independence and individuality.


A REALLY cool thing happened.  One of my photos received an honorable mention in the Documentary Family Awards.  This is an international competition created and judged by the TOP documentary family photographers in the industry.  I was watching the judging via livestream and started jumping up and down wildly as my image made it to the final round.  My kids thought I had gone nuts.  I'm truly honored to be ranked among such fabulous artists.

My work has been featured in various blogs, including In Beauty and Chaos  and The Luminance Project.

But enough about me.  Let's talk about YOU.