newborn - discovering love’s power

Those first weeks with a newborn can be magical. They can also be exhausting, frustrating and leave you in a bit of a fog. Not to mention the H-word. Hormones. Worrying about newborn photos is not something you need on your plate. Which is why once you commission me, you essentially don’t have to do anything else but BE.


Before Your Session

We meet for coffee and I learn about you and your family. We talk about the personalities of family members, what you love about the newborn stage. These conversations provide the foundation to tell your story authentically.  And you get to know me, so we can avoid those awkward meeting-for-the-first-time moments on the day of your session.

During Your Session

Newborn sessions can happen at your birthing location within one or two days of birth to capture those first hours. Or you can document your baby at home around three weeks of age when those beautiful eyes are open and that sweet head is lifted. These sessions typically last about two hours, but I’m well aware that babies do not follow the clock. If I need to stay longer to make certain I have enough images to tell your story, then so be it. I integrate into your family like a friend who just happens to have a camera. Sometimes I put down the camera. Sometimes I step back from the activity. I don't tell you where to stand, when to smile, or how act. There is no pressure to be anything other than who you are. And while it feels like we're all just hanging out, I'm observing your family dynamic, assessing the lighting, and designing compositions.

After Your Session

Once your gallery is completed, I come to your home for your ordering appointment. We first view your photos in a slideshow where you relive your story and your connections through my lens. This is my favorite part: watching YOU see your real life reflected, and noticing that your baby has already changed so much. Then together we select your favorite images and create a true piece of art. This may be an album, a fine art print, or a gallery wall of mounted prints. I'm present to help you choose which images work best as wall art and where you may want to display them in your home. In the end, you have pieces that serve as beautiful art, lasting heirlooms, and a family chronicle.

Newborn session fees begin at $600. Albums begin at $880 and matted prints start at $150. I offer non-interest payment plans for all clients.

I am obsessed! If I was a wealthy woman I would have you document our whole lives like this. It is amazing. Thank you!
— Sarah, newborn client