Moments experienced and gorgeously captured

"The images Christine captured at both our maternity shoot and our (first hours) shoot will always be some of my favorite pictures of my family. I was nervous going into the maternity shoot. I wasn't feel great about myself at eight months pregnant and I had a shy toddler  But Christine was able to get our toddler to warm up to her in mere minutes  Now she even asks when the "tographer" is coming back! When I saw the pictures from the maternity shoot, I was amazed how well she captured our family and I was even happy with how I looked in the pictures! Not only are the pictures absolutely gorgeous, which they are, but with the documentary style she really got a feel for our family, more so than I thought could ever be captured on film. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she topped herself again with the (first hours) photos. Seeing the first moments of our toddler meeting her new sister immortalized forever means so much to me and I'm sure it will to them in the future. Christine somehow managed to capture every moment on camera without being at all intrusive. We were able to enjoy our first minutes as a family of four in peace but still have it documented. How priceless is that? Working with Christine has been such a blast. She was always so communicative, and made me feel prepared for each session - and relaxed during the sessions themselves. The albums we got with the pictures are so gorgeous. I can't thank you enough Christine!"

candid maternity photo of mother and toddler on trampoline
Working with Christine has been such a blast.
— Colleen, Maternity & First Hours Client
NJ birth photograph of mother with baby skin to skin
Christine’s personality is that perfect combination of artistic and organized.
— Julie, Birth Client

Assurance and respect

"A crunchy friend of mine had used a birth photographer for her natural birth. I had never heard of birth photography before that and thought the photos were beautiful. BUT I am not crunchy and was not having a natural birth, so I wasn’t sure if a birth photographer would even want to work with me or if it would be worth it since I’d be in bed for most of it. I met with several photographers, some more crunchy than others, but Christine was just right. She listened to my concerns and assured me any type of birth can be documented beautifully. She sent me examples of medicated birth photography and I knew we could do this. Christine’s personality is that perfect combination of artistic and organized. She kept up with my type A personality and took in any and all questions and feedback I had. When it came time for the baby, Christine was there when it was a false alarm and right back when it was go time. She was respectful of our space but friendly. It wasn’t awkward. She wasn’t a fly on the wall; although, I’m sure she would have been if we needed her to be.  She engaged with us and was part of the experience with us without overstepping. Christine documented every aspect of my labor and delivery and got the photos exactly as we wanted. We didn’t know the sex of the baby and the series of photos she took of my face when I saw it was a girl are breathtaking. Every time I look at them I relive that moment and remember exactly what that pure joy and surprise felt like."



calming energy and artful truth

"Truthfully, I didn’t realize birth photography was a thing until our surrogate mentioned it. I had originally wanted to take photos together with our family while she was pregnant, but our surrogate felt that birth photos would be more meaningful in the long run - and wow, was she right!  Christine’s energy is very calm and relaxing. There were times when I didn’t even realize she was in the room capturing images. She was extremely respectful of everyone, quiet, and did not disturb anyone or make anyone feel pressured to do something specific. It was amazing to see our reaction to when our son was first born. The word 'amazing' does not even do the images justice. I know how I felt at that very moment of his birth and I know in my mind what it was to see him for the first time. However, to be able to have those images forever and to be able to share them with family, and in the future our son, is priceless. There were so many feelings and emotions that we were keeping contained up to his birth and the entire process of bringing him into this world. The image of us seeing him for the first time is the true expression of our bodies releasing all of the tension and emotion that we had up to that moment. We look at our photos on a regular basis and are amazed at how small he was. I hope that in 20 years we will still be as amazed at his birth story as we were the day it happened. I also think that in 30+ years it will be an amazing story for him to share with his future family and for many generations to come. Christine is a true gem. She probably answered hundreds of my questions prior to signing the contracts and she was patient the entire time. I feel that her art to capture the true candid moments says it all."

intended parents seeing son for first time during surogacy birth
Christine is a true gem.
— Kristen, intended mother and birth client