Documentary photography for REAL families in NJ & PA


For when they ask about the day they were BORN

Because you deserve to honor the EVERYDAY

and what life was like in those FIRST weeks

as well as the MILESTONES

candid photo of father putting baby in bath

You ARE the masterpiece, friend

In an age when we are bombarded by images, data, messages, judgments, options, and opinions, it is so easy to feel less than perfect.  My photos bring validation and empowerment to families and declare to the world they are enough AS IS.  No pretense.  No scripting.  No posing necessary.

In an age when taking a snapshot is as simple as reaching into your back pocket and pressing two, maybe three times on a screen, I want to offer you something else.  Because making a picture and creating a piece of art that becomes part of your family history requires more.  The outcome is visceral, timeless, and arrestingly beautiful.


Why documentary photography ROCKS

If parenthood has taught me anything it's to embrace the grit and chaos of family life and seek out the beauty of the every day.  Because spending your days with tiny humans is truly extraordinary.  The belly laughs, the tears, the embraces, and, yes, even the meltdowns, are what build our lives.  And it's all stages and phases that will end too soon. 

So why do we insist on creating a visual history full of "say cheese" smiles, spotless dresses, and well-behaved little ones?  Why are we afraid to have our real lives, connections, and emotions reflected back to us?  The truth is you don't need to be in a fancy setting.  You don't need special lighting or to have every single strand of hair perfectly in place.  You don't need to bribe your kids with lollipops if they smile politely.  Your home is enough.  Your chaos is enough.  You are enough.


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