Fine Art School Portraits

What you need to know


*Important Note*

Parents, make sure you scroll all the way down for a quick (but optional) pre-registration/questionnaire that allows you to share important information with me. Together we can make your child super comfortable, which makes for the best photos!


About Picture Day

School Picture Day is almost here. Do I have to commit to buying something before you take my child’s picture?

Absolutely not. Here’s how it works: I take the photos and soon after the proofs become available in an online viewing gallery. You look them over and fall in love, or don’t. If you love them you can purchase a package. If you don’t, no big deal. Promise.

Ugh! My kid has nothing to wear!

I highly doubt that. Children look adorable in whatever they wear. You might want to leave the hoodies, flesh-colored shirts, neon, and loud graphic prints at home. Besides that, you’re good to go.

My child makes the weirdest faces for the camera.

My approach to photographing children involves having a conversation, learning about their favorite things, and telling some silly jokes. I don’t ask them to smile or say “cheese.” This leads to more organic and natural expressions. Sometimes they laugh out loud. Sometimes they are more serious and reserved. All these expressions are equally beautiful.

Is preschool photography your REAL job?

That’s a NO. My real job is documentary family photography, which captures the beauty and chaos of every day family life as it happens. Want to learn more? Click here.


About the Packages

Waiting is so hard! When do I get to see my child’s pictures?

You’ll receive a digital link to your photos about 2-4 weeks after picture day.

What print packages do you offer?

  • Package A: one 8x10, two 5x7s, eight wallets

  • Package B: four 5x7s, eight wallets

  • Package C: two 8x10s, eight wallets

All of the above packages cost $45.

A la carte prints are also available. Here’s a price list:

  • Eight wallets - $14

  • One 5x7 - $14

  • One 8x10 - $20

  • One 11x14 - $35

  • One 16x20 - $60

I love these SO much, I want one huge on my wall. Is that possible?

Definitely. Large, mounted fine art prints are available a la carte. These gorgeous pieces are printed on 100% cotton paper and mounted on 3mm thick black styrene. Their color and detail are unparalleled and - BONUS - they are ready for you to pop into the frame of your choice or hang straight on your wall with command strips.

  • 8x12 Fine art mounted print - $105

  • 12x18 Fine art mounted print - $175

  • 16x24 Fine art mounted print - $300

  • 20x30 Fine art mounted print - $390

If you have something else in mind, let's talk. I do all kinds of wall art and other displays, including everything from greeting cards to framed prints.

I can't decide between two of my child's photos. Can I split a package between two images?

Nope, sorry. I set up the packages this way to keep costs low for you, and I am not able to split a package between two photos. But it's a-okay to buy one package with one photo and another with a different one, or simply tack on some individual prints of any image you choose.

What about digitals?

Sure thing. High resolution digital files are available at the following pricing. These are giant, beautiful files and can be used for everyday prints, as well as large wall art, a calendar for the grandparents, coffee mugs, mousepads, etc. Both color and black and white files are included with each digital image purchased. (Note: digital files of full class pictures are not available for purchase.)

  • Single image - $60

  • Two images - $100

  • Three images - $125

Those watermarks. They won't be on my prints and digitals, right?

Absolutely not. The images you purchase will be watermark-free.

Is there an advantage to buying the prints if I can just buy a high-resolution file and get prints made myself?

Well, yes and no. If you're a professional photographer with an account at a pro print lab, by all means, print yourself. But I can virtually guarantee that printing your child's portrait at CVS, Target, Shutterfly, or similar lab will yield disappointing results. I work with one of the top professional print labs in the country. The lab uses state-of-the-art printing technology, the best dyes and processes, and the highest-end paper to ensure gorgeous print quality that will look as good in 25 years as it does today. 

I have more questions. How do I reach you?

You can contact me HERE, email me at or call me at 609-379-2497.


This form is optional but truly helpful in making picture day a positive experience for your child. Please take a moment (if you have one) to complete the following. Thanks in advance!

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For my preschooler it was cats, words that rhymed, and the different kinds of "potions" she would make.
This is a good place to tell me about special needs, triggers, etc, as well as appearance-related things to check (for example, make sure her barrette isn't dangling in her face).
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