Freelensing for the holidays - NJ documentary photographer

I have a new love in my life.  It balks at perfection and likes to break the rules.  It's surreal and dreamy and it draws your eye to the spot of its choice.  It can be fickle and unexpected, and some folks don't care for its blurriness or light leaks.  I, however, think it's pretty dang awesome and even divine at times. 

My new love?  Freelensing. 

Freelensing is a shooting technique, in which the lens is not attached to the camera.  Instead, the lens is held in front of the camera's sensor and moved just ever so slightly to change the plane of focus and let more or less light into the camera.  I just started experimenting with this, but I'm hooked already.  Here are some freelensed shots from a company holiday party.  I'm looking forward to honing this skill and offering some more artistic shots with my family sessions in the future.  2017: year of the freelens.  Happy New Year, all!

Christine Wright