Confessions from Florida | NJ Family Photographer on Self-Care

Let's talk about a dirty word for us moms: SELF-CARE.

I'm writing this from sunny Florida, sitting by the most peaceful pool with a fountain feature.  And I'm currently 1,200 miles away from my kids.  In the last 24 hours I’ve gotten back to basics.

  • I had a full night of uninterrupted sleep. 

  • I exercised today and didn't rush through the workout to face my RESPONSIBILITIES. 

  • I flossed my teeth. 

  • I'm not overeating because of stress.  

  • I sat with a clear head and brain-dumped a boatload of ideas for my business and my family onto paper and then prioritized what to tackle first. 

I can breathe.

rainbow beach umbrella

This is the FIRST time in over EIGHT years us grown-ups in the house have gotten away.  And I'm not sharing this to say "look at me and my fabulous vacation" or to invoke pity or martyrdom that we've never left our children till now.  I'm sharing because I want you to know - and here's the confession - that taking this time for me, myself, and I is absolutely GLORIOUS.

Because as parents we're supposed to GIVE IT ALL to our kids, right?  

All our energy, time, motivation goes to them. Today I'm renewing a promise to myself to make self-care a priority daily, even if it’s only a couple of minutes. And I plead for you to do the same.

candid photo of sandals on beach and man walking into water

Raising kids is exhausting, emotionally draining, and, at times, frustrating AF. Take care of yourself. Not just because you can then take better care of your cherubs, but because YOU DESERVE IT. Whether it be taking an extra long shower where you (God forbid) lock the bathroom door, squeezing in 15 minutes to read a book, watch reality TV, or take a power nap, or dropping the kids at a neighbor’s while you stroll around the block, MAKE THE TIME.

family photo of man running along beach sunset sunset with birds

Give yourself the SPACE to get back to the real YOU.

P.S. I’m obsessed with my husband’s curly hair in that sunlight.

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