A family photo session? Who has time for THAT?!

One of THE biggest struggles busy parents have with booking a professional family photo session is that it's a huge TIME SUCK.

Or so they think.

Here's a quick quiz to debunk the myths involving time commitments and preparation for family photography.

Question 1.

A family photo session must happen at

A. a photography studio

B. a pretty park

C. either a or b

D. anywhere you damn well please

The correct answer is choice D. 


Your family is having a pancake breakfast at a favorite diner?  I can make AWESOME pictures of that.  There's a soccer game at 1 PM and then everybody's headed to the park?  I can make AWESOME pictures of that.  You're hanging around the house while the kids do arts and crafts and splash in the rain puddles?  I can make AWESOME pictures of that.

You don't have to MAKE TIME for a documentary photography session.  Because the whole point of documentary photography is to capture your REAL LIFE. 

If you stopped life to load everyone in the car and drive to a park and sit on a blanket together and tickle each other, well, that would be. . .weird.  Unless that's something you do on a regular basis.  In which case, no judgment and I can make AWESOME pictures of that.

father holding baby wrapped in towel after bath

Question 2.

The best time for your kids to get a haircut before your family photo session is

A. one week prior

B. two weeks prior

C. the morning of

D. whenever you damn well please

The correct answer is D.

Haircuts are a part of life.  Every now and then bad haircuts are a part of life.  No one loves their kid any less when his hair is getting a little shaggy and in need of a trim, or when the barber chops off a bit too much, right? 

You won't love your photos any less if your kid is having a bad hair day.  Because the true personailities of your loved ones are all you will see in your photos.  

boy shaking head so hair is moving

Question 3.

The best outfit to wear during a documentary family photo session is

A. a white shirt and khaki pants

B. a mixture of textures and colors

C. a graphic T-shirt and jeans

D. whatever you damn well please

The correct answer is D.

Truth time and REALLY hear me on this: 

You feel best when you are the most comfortable and confident.  When you feel your best, you look your best. 

And that shows through in your pictures. 

So wear what you like to wear.  Let your kids wear their favorites, even if it's a red and lime green top with gold leggings and a magenta tutu.  Again, it's the authentic moments and family dynamics that will monopolize your images.  And that's a good thing, my friend.  That's a good thing.

Two kids in shower wearing bathing suits under an umbrella

Question 4.

The time you should spend cleaning your home for a documentary photo session is

A. six hours

B. 2 hours

C. 30 minutes

D. zilch

The correct answer is D.

We are photographing your NOW.  And if your now mean piles of dirty dishes and enough cat hair to make a set of throw pillows, that's OK. 

I'm not going to document your mess and sell the pictures to a tabloid.  And if it makes you feel better, come look at my messes here.  Honestly, either I compose an image so that clutter is not front in center OR the clutter helps to tell the story.  Either way, you still win.

boy building tower of magna tiles with toys on the floor

Thanks for taking the quiz!  I hope this opened you up to the possibility of a photo session that doesn't eat into your already too scarce and too precious time. 

I'm calling you out, friend.  "I don't have time for a photo session" is no longer a valid excuse. 

Because when you actually DO have the time, your kids will be grown, and you'll realize that you have little or no visual stories of their childhood.  No tangible memories for you or them.  And THAT would be a damn shame.