At home with mom and the birds | South Jersey documentary family photographer

When Ashley first contacted me, I was doing cartwheels over the words she had written: "I love your work. Your story, when I looked it over, it was like a life I didn't live, but belonged to me. I get it."  She was referring to one of my first blog posts about photographing my own children, which you can check out here

Yes!  She sees the importance and value of documentary photography for her family.  She knows that the photos I make of her and her children will capture this season of their lives.  She'll be able to put memories on her walls, memories of her youngest nursing or smiling proudly as he pulls her hair.  She'll have memories of her older son dozing on the couch; he'd had a fever on and off during the days prior to our session and we didn't want to wake him.  Maybe she'll look at these photos years from now and remember the exact feeling of holding her two sons in her arms or the scent of their soft hair.  She'll be able to hear the laughter and giigles as the kids observed the family chickens running around the backyard.  Yes, she gets it.  

(And can I add that I was totally stoked to photograph chickens?!  This was my first time having them in a shoot and they were hilarious.)  In summary, one gorgeous mama, two cheek-squeezing adorable boys, and a bunch of silly chickens made for one fun and touching in-home session.

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