A surrogacy birth | Chester, PA Birth Photography

"I'm not telling you it's going to be easy.  I'm telling you it's going to be worth it."  -Art Williams

I will never know the the details of their journey.  I will never understand truly the physical and emotional roller coasters of the intended parents, the birth mother, and their families.  I can only imagine the months and years of waiting and wishing and waiting some more.  But what I can do - what I did do - was witness and document the hours and moments it all became worth it. 

This birth mama was the epitome of centered.  Totally in her zone, she labored calm and peaceful.  I actually thought we'd be going through the night and into the next day, because clearly things were moving slowly if a laboring mama is that zen.  Of course, I was dead wrong.  This mama called for a nurse and it turned out she had dilated to eight centimeters.  Unmedicated at eight centimeters and only a few grunts?!  I was in awe.  By the time the doctor came into the room, the baby was ready to make his entrance.  Pushing lasted only a few minutes and he was here.  

And, oh my, do you want to see what all-consuming joy looks like?  Then scroll down, my friend.  The moment these parents saw the face of their son for the first time on their gestational surrogacy journey is a powerful one.  Some day I hope they will show their son these pictures, and he will know without a doubt the raw love that surrounded him when he entered the world.

My sincerest gratitude to these families for granting me the privilege of making pictures of this extradorinary time.

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